Mount Boost

A new patch brought a bunch of new things to the game! New territories, new quests, plot and awesome mount. However, to use it, you will need to commit a lot of deeds.

What should I do to unlock mount?

To gain access to the heavens in your account, you have to sweat. We’ll have to explore all the islands, win maximum respect from the local factions, carry out a War campaign, complete a bunch of quests. Just a paradise for zadrota without life.

What is it possible to turn into a pathfinder boost?

Hell yeah, you are thinking right. Not everyone has the opportunity to sit for a week and grind the reputation of the factions or complete 50 quests! Better to leave it to the guys from bestboost, they specialize in saving you from the torment. They explore all the islands, complete all the quests, make you the maximum reputation. All the routine will be done.

Revered Rustbolt resistance boost

What could be worse than a mad inventor? Only mad king inventor Mehagon! And only Rustbolt resistance protects these lands from its bloodthirstiness and chaos! Respect for these guys is worth it, because you get access to cool equipment and improvements. This is a job just for the bestboost team, they will make you the best friend of this faction.

Revered Nazjatar boost

Nazjatar is the capital of Naga. Once Azshara was the greatest elf and her pride led her along a dark path. She began experimenting with the Well of Eternity and Evil in the flesh heard her – the fallen titan Sargeras crawled out of darkness and captured her mind and soul, and then ordered to build a huge portal through which his demons could break into this world. The revolted night elves destroyed the portal, but the Well of Eternity just overloaded and fell through the water with the city. Under the water, the queen made a deal with underwater god and all the drowned elves became naga. Bestboost team will do all the research and quests for you.

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